Yvonne LK Portraits from Ireland

Portraits painted with Irish Passion

Pencil in by text to join

our next Portraiture Demonstration/Workshop Day

its great Fun! and you will achieve

a Beautiful Portrait of your loved one. usually a Saturday

11am to 3pm/3.30pm.

.Please text your interest to 0868980708 or email [email protected]

Annual Paint your Child, Grandchild,

Niece, Nephew, loved one day

at Ylake Art Studio Glencarraig Sutton D13.

You will do a beautiful portrait of your loved one

Pencil in by Text 0868980708 Yvonne

To book your place.

8 places available.

Fee can be put into marked envelope on the day.Tips for photos to bring

- [ ] Try taking /bringing photos of a child 'about to do something'

- [ ] Playing

- [ ] On beach

- [ ] In garden.

- [ ] In sunny room

- [ ] Try find sunny day with light reflected on child or three quarters light.

- [ ] Avoid flash and front facial views.

- [ ] Hat bucket and spade can work well or toyBrief Demo will be shown on how to mix skin tone colours. And how to start your portrait,

And individual attention given on placement before continuing.What materials to bring:-

Canvas 20x24 or smaller.

Baby wipes

2 low jars with lids


Brushes ( flats soft )

Palette knifeFor oils:

Colours are


Naples yellow

Yellow ochre

Cadmium red

Burnt sienna

Alizarin red

Ultramarine blue

cobalt blue

Cerulean blue

Raw umber

Burnt umber

Use painting medium,or refined linseed oil

White spirits available.For acrylics the same-

Try getting flow retarder for acrylics (art & hobby shop)The day starts at 11am with the demo -then your set up, & placement

then light lunch then paint till 3/3.30.

Portraits can be tweaked on last class day to be held on the following Tuesday (€15 ) at 10.30am.

If you have any questions please let me know

Thanks Yvonne

Feel free to share .


Alla Prima Demo day 

A beautiful model whom I painted in the premier coup technique

whilst studying portraiture in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

She has a beautiful swan like neck and lovely strong features.

Cliona 20" x 24" oil on canvass

The day starts at 11am and there is a short talk on Portraiture and the elements therein to create a life painting which will give fresh spontaneous look.

I demonstrate the colours required for the skin tones and how to lay out and mix from light, halftones to dark on the palette.

Then I give a short demonstration using 'wet into wet 'oil painting technique.

Then all artists will do a portrait with the knowledge they will have gained and there will be plenty of guidance.

What to bring; Your canvass (usually 20" x 16" or larger, paints, sable flats & small brushes for finer detail and fan brush (for hair) your paints & mixing mediums,

digital camera for reference, apron, baby wipes.

It’s a great day, very informative and social including a light lunch break.tables & easels

please send your interest to

Yvonne LK on 086 8980708 or email; [email protected] to join in or ask any questions.

Skin tone colour’s

double click this link to see Yvonne mixing colours below


White / Windsor Naples Yellow / Windsor Yellow Ochre, cadmimum red (to add warmth to base skin tone colour)

then cereulean blue/ sap green/ burnt sienna,/burnt umber/ raw umber

The base skin tone colour is usually made up of naples yellow with a tenth of cadmium red.

For darker base skin tone, yellow ochre can be used with a tenth of cadmium red, and can be mixed with white or lighter base skin tone colour.

To lighten -add white to the base skin tone colour to lighten, dragging each lighter tone beside and overlapping previous mixed tonal base colour. This will ensure you have lots of tones to work from.

The darks can be warm or cool as desired and can be forked when mixing on palette dragging each darker tone beside and overlapping previous mixed tonal colour as follows;-

The Cool darks are a combination of base skin tone colour mixed with cereulean blue, or sap green or a mixture of both.

The warm darks consist of the base skin tone colour mixed with Burnt sienna, Burnt Umber,

Raw Umber =Almost Black (1/2 pence piece size)

Hints; mixing colours on palette

Use a palette knife to mix colours.

Place colours from light to dark on palette,

Mix large amount of base colour

When mixing into base colour always mix to the side, dragging each lighter tone (or darker ) beside and overlapping previous mixed tonal base colournot into the full mixture and this is same for all tonal mixing as the more tones you have on your palette the better quality medium tone there will be on your canvass supporting the light (and avoid time delay mixing when the sitter is there.)


A few more hints;-

· Be careful with Eyebrows as they Frame the Face. Go light at first, then build up on colour,

use good shape – like a boomerang, not so close to the eye to lose the brow of the eye

· 'Wet into Wet' is forgiving – Change is possible.

· White of the eye is not vibrant white.

· Highlights are Vibrant/Pure White, Placed to the right or left of pupil,

· depending on light source and placement of light on subject.

Mouth & lips

Do as you would do lipstick – give proper lips – it won’t alter likeness
Look for the Design of Mouth which is made up of muscle holding true to cupids bow. Put on lip colour as if putting on lipstick and darks to the corner edges. Mix lip colour with a little skin tone colour to get natural lip colour and add more red to intensify the centre of the pout.

Lips when viewed in three quarters or side view can have a v shape. .

Nose:Is done by shading using lighter colour along shaft completed by touch of highlight usually at point before decent.

Hair: Darks at Edge of Face. Hair should be (see below)

Dark ▓

Light ▒

Dark ▓

Pull the colours into each other using a fan brush. Touch up strands with Soft White.

Ears:Don’t Hone in on Ears – No need for detail – Less is more.

Amazingly, don’t forget that your brain is painting this person with the help of your hands. There are no technical artifacts such as cameras coming between you and the subject. This will always intrigue Artists and people at the dexterity and wonder of the brain, to be able to reproduce before him the most noble of creations – a human face with all its complexities and beauty – without any artificial aids, What a wonderful release – throw away those cameras and let the art come through. Give your noble brain a chance to develop this wonder.

Roisin modelling for portraiture Demo/workshop day

Ylake 3rd Art Exhibition 2013

Baldoyle Library

Great Works of Irish Art on view